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Welcome to my website.

A little about me... 

Hi, my name is Lynne. I am a PhD Candidate in

Criminology at the University of Northumbria at

Newcastle upon Tyne.  My research interests are within

the field of Wildlife Criminology, predominantly hunting

with hounds.

I am also one of the 85% who oppose fox hunting, and always have. As well as a researcher, I am an anti-hunt activist and campaigner.  I spend my spare time trudging through the countryside in all weathers, armed with a bottle of citronella, in the hope of preventing foxes from being killed.  

When the Hunting Act came into being, I thought that it meant an end to hunting.  I found out that wasn’t the case; it appeared to as popular as ever, and so I joined the anti-hunt movement.  My experiences to date, have therefore informed this research. 


My PhD research 





No Justice. Just Us: A Mixed methods Ethnographic Study of Organised Fox Hunting and Anti-Hunt Activism in England and Wales



This project has involved investigating the policing of organised fox / trail hunts. Focusing on the Hunting Act (2004), this doctoral research project examines the policing of organised fox hunting and anti-hunt activism in England and Wales. Drawing on critical criminology perspectives, I approach fox hunting as a “Crime of the Powerful” exploring how the criminal justice system is failing wildlife, and those who protect them. I was particularly interested in the way that hunting with hounds and anti-hunt activism is policed in practice so I was keen to speak to people about it.    



​The data for this research is drawn from: Freedom of Information requests; ethnographic observations; as well as qualitative interviews.




As this is a divisive issue in which very few people sit 'on the fence' I was very keen to speak to people with differing perspectives.  Consequently, I interviewed a range of respondents including:

  • Anti- hunt groups and activists such as Hunt Saboteurs and Hunt Monitors

  • Professional Hunt Investigators

  • Campaign groups 

  • Members of the local community

  • Police Officers

  • Members of the Hunt Communities e.g. hunt supporters or former hunt supporters


Interviews were carried out with respondents throughout England and Wales


Findings from my PhD data are focused on four main themes:


  1. The Truth about Trail Hunting

  2. Protecting the Trail Hunt Myth

  3. Concealing Contemporary fox hunting criminality in Cloak of Invisibility

  4. The Umbrella of Power that facilitates Contemporary fox Hunting  



My Thesis will be published on my website, approximately April 2023. All respondents will receive a copy of the thesis emailed to them.


Publications based upon research findings:

“It’s just totally lawless out here”: A rural green criminological exploration of foxhunting, policing, and ‘regulatory capture.

Co-authored with Supervisors Professor Tanya Wyatt and Dr. Nathan Stephens-Griffin. This paper applies the concept of ‘regulatory capture’ to the case of foxhunting, in order to explore the policing of foxhunting through a rural green criminological lens.

This article is open access and can be viewed here:  

If you would like any further information, or to contact me then please email

All participants are guaranteed anonymity and confidentiality in this research.

Participation in this research is anonymous and confidential.  I will not include any identifying characteristics in my thesis and any quotes used will be given a Pseudonym

Your name will not be written on any of the data I collect; the written information you provide will have an ID number, not your name.  Your name will not be written on the research data, or on the typed up versions of your discussions from the research, and your name, or any identifying characteristics  will not appear in any reports or documents resulting from this study.  

The general findings will be reported in my PhD thesis and presented at a research conference, however the data will be anonymised. You or the data you have provided will not be personally identifiable. 

Data will be stored according to Northumbria University's guidelines on GDPR and Data protection.

This research project has received Ethical approval from Northumbria University's Ethics Committee.

Data collection methods adhere to Northumbria University's current guidelines on Covid-19

Supervisory Team

My Supervisory team at Northumbria University are: 


Dr. Nathan Stephens Griffin 


Professor Tanya Wyatt 



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Thanks for submitting!

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